2013 Masters golf Sai Baba ? Watson's secret weapon

Oakley has always been committed to the perfect combination of art and technology, highlighting than

expected, breaking the limits of brand spirit, enthusiasm for the sport of golf has long been beyond reason. In this unit, driven by passion, Oakley professional golf apparel courage for innovation and quality innovations:

combines the best O Hydrolix moisture management technology, wearing not only give the best comfort, while ensuring

freedom of movement.

Always adhere to the traditional and the rest on its laurels, then with great success lopsided. To break the routine, the best

interpreter - this is the new member of the Oakley Golf family of labels. He was a Masters champion, by virtue of a strong

long-playing amazing and incredible precision short putts, and constantly give people surprise. His unique personal charm

for the game adds a different kind of fun. Proud self-confident, unique, yet simple and fun, this is the 2013 Oakley golf

spotlight - Baba ? Watson. Light shining uninhibited, willing to meet the challenge of character make him hit it off with the

Oakley; is exactly the same attitude inspire us to challenge the traditional standard, with a unique personality, athletic

performance and unlimited possibilities to define the next era of golf.

When Baba ? Watson said he wanted to do something crazy golf cart is changed, Oakley will invite another company to

work together to jointly create this childhood dream rendered Baba ? Watson's secret weapon.

During this year's Masters, Baba ? Watson drove every day a special court-Benz car a few hours, and then will be placed

in the car hovercraft 2820 Washington Road, No. "Somewhere in Augusta" restaurant, which is a fan We have witnessed

this great invention and a great photo opportunity. In a sense, this car was inspired by hovercraft on the golf course

managers respect, they have been careful management, golf course, golf lawn to maintain smooth and hard work. Golf

car in the history of a hovercraft, with the air cushion to float on the water surface and the surface of the lawn and front

line staff to bring an alternative to driving pleasure. However, not all golf courses are now allowed to drive this car unique

car, even to hear this news, Baba ? Watson and Oakley will only smiled gently, as a company willing to break with

tradition, we just want to do different things, and fun in the process.

In this specific about Baba in the final game is the most exciting, the most exciting game of the secret weapon.

As the industry one of the fastest dry fabrics, Oakley's O Hydrolix maximize moisture management technology to

enhance the comfort of wearing apparel, Baba to help keep you dry in the entire game, every difficult putt can not

concentrate affected. Stitched ergonomic design enhances breathability side, the whole garment design and Baba styles

complement each other.

Dominated by advanced lattice design pants, is based competition tailored classic, two-way elastic fabric frictionless design

and ergonomic design makes the wearer's freedom of movement joints, plus O Hydrolix wet gas management

technology, making Baba from every tee to green can enjoy the natural feeling of comfort, performance is more

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